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欲望 Desire for permanence

May 17, 2018

Prologue : 


“What if I forget?” she muttered under her breath


“I will remind you.”

She remained silent as her eyes darted to the window beside him.

His figure was growing more and more vague by the minute and she found herself unable to utter a single word.

A long silence stood before them for what seems like eternity.

Maybe the weight of the silence did something silly to her and she cracked into a deadpan laughter not before delivering her thoughts.

“You know, sometimes I pretend you don’t even exist in the physical world and that I made you up in my head”

He remained silent as he reached for the tea cup completely unabated by the turn this conversation has taken as he took a sip.

"why would you do so..." he asked whilst he stared into her eyes.

“Because you are my metaphor...”


“A metaphor?” He thought to himself. What the hell was she thinking of nowadays?

It isn’t exactly the first time she has dropped a ball on him like this.

But strangely he felt obliged to answer her this time round.

After all it might just be the last.

Her body was growing heavier by the moment and she could no longer fight the weight of her eyelids.

Just then, she felt his grip tightened around hers. That was the only answer she needed.

keep me safe

please keep me safe

And she traded one form of consciousness for another.



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